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Welcome to connectpartners GmbH
Your competent partner for Microsoft Dynamics CRM
The connectpartners GmbH offers IT solutions based on Microsoft CRM to optimize the company’s structures and lastingly increase company´s success With a professional CRM system the customer communication can be simplified and reaches more satisfied customers because an intelligent sales support brings success through modern IT. We analyze and optimize your processes and expand them with the essential functions – All in one!
Company specific customizations and expansions
of a CRM system are necessary to allow a
smooth integration into your company structure.
CRM Solutions include the programmatic
upgrading and the development of Microsoft CRM
based solutions.
CRM Services is an important component for
every planning and conception of a successful
CRM environment. Our experts help you to realize
your ideas and needs and we help you with the
introduction, the adjustment and the running of
your Microsoft CRM system.